Our Cake Flavors

Choose your favorite, or order a different one every time to choose your favorite!

Almond - This is a traditional Almond cake with a light texture. This is our most popular flavor for weddings, birthdays, and every occasion

Vanilla - This is a light textured Vanilla cake for those who like it old fashioned.

Lemon - Our Vanilla cake with just a hint of lemon.

Marble - Our Vanilla cake swirled with chocolate ganache. It's not your average marble cake!

Carrot - A moist and spicy blend of cinnamon, carrots and pecans-hold the raisins!

Pumpkin Spice (seasonal, available only in October and November) - When it is Fall and you really want a spicy cake, this cake with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a pinch of clove is sure to please!

Chocolate - A true chocolate cake for the chocolate lover.

Chocolate Kahlua - A rich mocha flavored chocolate cake with chocolate chips.

Hummingbird - This Southern cake flavor is a moist and yummy blend of bananas, pineapple and pecans- great with cream cheese frosting.

Banana Chocolate Chip - A delicious and moist banana cake studded with mini chocolate chips

White Chocolate - A Vanilla cake studded with White Chocolate Chips. It’s great with fresh fruit and Buttercream!

Red Velvet - Familiar to all Southerners and Southerners at heart-not as rich as our regular chocolate.

Sour Cream Pound - A firm and moist pound cake that pairs well with several frostings and fillings.

Strawberry Sour Cream Pound - Our sour cream pound swirled with delicious strawberry jam.

Italian Cream - A family favorite-a delightful combination of coconut, buttermilk and pecans- great with cream cheese frosting.

Coconut - Our delicious Vanilla cake combined with moist flaked coconut.