As a three time winner of The Knot "Best of Weddings," Ashley Bakery has earned a professional reputation not only for incredible decorative skills, but also for delicious cakes. Just like brides, each wedding cake is unique and special. We will guide you through each step of designing a very special cake specifically tailored to your event and budget.

We are able to make awesome sculpted and occasion cakes too!


We just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful wedding cake for us. It was beautiful and delicious! We really enjoyed working with you and your staff-everyone was so helpful and positive! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Ashley & Ryan

Chris and I absolutely loved both cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The grooms cake was actually mistaken by some people for actual oysters and they tried to pick them up :) We loved it! Someone said that they felt like the Food Network should have been there!

The wedding cake was more beautiful than I ever imagined. I stood next to it right before I walked down the aisle and couldn't take my eyes off of it. Thank again for all of your hard work designing the perfect cake for me.

Chris and my only complaint?... We didn't get to eat enough of the cake!!!!!!!!! ha!!!! We actually may be hitting you all up for another one just for us. We got to try all pieces except the marble... which of course is my favorite that you do. Oh well, guess that means that I will have to get another from you :).

Christy and Chris

Thank you so much for making the most beautiful wedding cake ever! Not only did it look spectacular - but it was absolutely delicious. We couldn't have hoped for anything better - it was perfect!! Thank you for making our wedding day special.

Trask and Johanna

The cake was GORGEOUS - I absolutely LOVED it and almost ALL of it got eaten! We did the cake cutting after the first dance on purpose so more people could enjoy it. Thanks again for everything! Talk to you soon!!

Sarah and Will

My Fiance and I tried your cake for the first time at a one year old's birthday party last week and almost fought the kids for the last crumbs. It was THAT good ☺

Tiffany Elser

Everyone RAVED about the cake. They were all sad to hear it was from Charleston though as the shower was in NC. Thanks again!


I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome hummingbird cake that you made for my mother's birthday party. Everyone loved it! At one point, people kept raving and going on and on about it, I thought I should have had some business cards to pass around for you! Ha! ;-) It was delicious and decorated beautifully!

Robbin Knight

Please tell Hayden she rocks!! Stacey just e-mailed me a picture of the cake and it is so amazingly cute. Thanks to everyone that helped!


We are THRILLED to be ordering one of your cakes for our wedding! They are ridiculously delicious!!

Holly Burns

When we think "wedding", we'll always think "cake" and "Hayden". It was beyond beautiful. You are one talented lady! Thanks for helping make Dana and Blake's wedding day a fairy tell. You know the cake was the most important item for Dana, and you certainly came thru! She was amazed and mesmerized by the artistry. It looked just like her dress. Everyone commented on and complemented it. We hated to cut it, but we sure did and it tasted as good as it looked! We wowed our western friends with our "suthun" red velvet rendition. Wish you were closer to us, but we'll find a way to get back to you soon. The "Mutha" of the Bride only got one slice—not a good thing! I'll have to have a "do-over" on the top layer with the white chocolate! ha! ha! Thanks again! You're a doll!

Debi /Mutha of the Bride

Happy, Happy New Year ~ we hope you had a wonderful Holiday! This note is later than I intended it to be ~ I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVED our wedding cake!!! Walking into the reception ~ my FAVORITE thing was seeing the outcome of our cake – I was blown away!! The topic of the evening was whether the Magnolia was real or not, as far as the sweetgrass design went, all our guests assumed it was real.

The funniest part was while Brian and I were about to cut the cake – he leans over and says "how are we suppose to cut around this basket?"…this coming from a groom who was pretty involved with the wedding process and was well aware that the sweetgrass weave would be frosting…I mumbled "it's all frosting" only to have him respond "well, the cake is, but what are we suppose to do about this basket?" ~ so kudos, not only for fooling our guests, but the groom as well ☺

We somehow were able to keep the top tier (even, though numerous guests admitted to having MULTIPLE pieces of cake)…Our plan was to keep it frozen for our first anniversary ~ I am saddened to say that the last piece was eaten last night – it would have been a shame to keep that thing frozen for a year! We will definitely be ordering a small replica for our One Year!

Oh, the cake was complete bliss – our guests are still commenting on how incredibly beautiful it was as well as how amazing it tasted! It truly was perfection!! Thank you for making a wedding cake that fit us perfectly ~ I will be bragging about that cake for years to come and will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know that Ashley Bakery is the only bakery to have make your wedding cake!

Again, everyone at Ashley Bakery was wonderful to work with ~ thanks for ALL that you did!

Michelle Smith

For all of the gals who participated in deliberating over the birthday butterfly cake on February 20th, I would like to say a great big "Job well done!" The decoration was perfect and absolutely beautiful. We were all blown away, Plus, the cake was delicious.

Dottie Shreve

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