Ashley Bakery offers a wide variety of fine breads to the public and to wholesale customers. We also have a large holiday list and can create custom shapes and designs to meet your specifications.

Here is a list of breads we regularly offer. Please call us if you have any questions.

  • Pullman Breads - white, wheat, 9 grain, marble rye, rye, and pumpernickel, sourdough, cinnamon swirl, and cinnamon raisin
  • Sandwich Buns - Italian, Kaiser, Egg dough, ciabatta, sesame, and wheat
  • Sub Rolls - 6", 8", & 12"; white & wheat
  • Dinner Rolls - white, wheat, rye, 9 grain, yeast, and egg knot
  • Biscuits - Soft Yeast
  • Ciabatta
  • Italian
  • Baguettes - plain, spice, and rye
  • Focaccia - assorted flavors
  • Pizza Dough - dough and partially baked
  • Cinnamon Rolls - regular, large, and mini
  • Sticky Buns - regular, large, and mini
  • Strudel - small & large; apple, cheery, blueberry, cheese, cinnamon, etc.
  • Danish - small & large; apple, blueberry, cherry, raspberry and lemon, etc.
  • Muffins - small & large; apple, blueberry, banana nut, orange cranberry, bran, pistachio, etc.