Dessert List for Weddings and Special Occasions

These are some of the many desserts we offer. If you would like something we don’t have listed, please ask!


Bundt Cakes  serve +/- 20 $40 each

Apple Spice with Caramel frosting, Lemon Sour Cream Pound with Cream Cheese frosting, Sour Cream Pound with Cream Cheese frosting, Pumpkin Spice with Cream Cheese frosting, Strawberry Sour Cream Pound with Lemon Cream Cheese or Cream Cheese frosting, Hummingbird with Cream Cheese frosting, Coconut with Cream Cheese frosting, Italian Cream with Cream Cheese frosting, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting, Banana Chocolate Chip with Chocolate frosting, Chocolate Kahlua with Chocolate or Cream Cheese frosting.


Cupcakes $2.75-$3.25 (2 doz min per flavor) and Mini cupcakes $1.75 (3 doz min per flavor)

are also available in the layer cake flavors above. Buttercream substitutions are an additional $.10 per cupcake. Toppings are available and priced per addition.


Mini Sweets $1.75 each, 3 doz minimum per flavor, in white papers, roughly 1.5x1.5 square

Brownies (plain or turtle), Raspberry Meringue Bars, Lemon Bars, Charleston Chews (Blonde brownies-plain or with salted caramel), Peanut Butter Chocolate chip, Pecan (plain or with chocolate chips), Pumpkin Pecan (seasonal).


Mini Pies $1.75 ea 2 inch shell base, in white papers 3 doz minimum per flavor

Pecan (chocolate or plain), Apple Crumb, Chocolate Cream, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin (seasonal), Sweet Potato (seasonal) Mini Key Lime $1.75 each, in white papers, graham cracker base, 3 doz minimum, in white papers.


Fruit Tarts $2 ea, 2 inch shell base, in white papers 3 dozen minimum


Mini Cheesecakes $1.75 (plain)-$1.90 (flavors or with fruit) each with graham cracker base, 3 doz minimum, in white papers:

Plain NY style, Plain NY style with fruit, Marble, Turtle, Cappuccino, Amaretto, S’mores, and Chocolate


Cake shots $4.50 each, in rented tall shot glasses or mini pilsner glasses, 3 doz minimum per flavor

Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and lemon curd and cream with Vanilla cake, Banana Pudding, Cookies and Cream with chocolate or vanilla cake, Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate or Vanilla cake.


Cookies $12-$18 dozen 1 doz min per kind

roughly 2 inch Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal and Oatmeal Raisin


Chocolate Cups $1.25 each, 3 doz minimum per flavor

White Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Peanut Butter Mousse, Cheesecake Mousse, Chocolate Kahlua Mousse